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The Smoothie Queen LLC

The Royale 10 Day Detox's

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Free 15 minute Zoom Consultation with your detox purchase. Please email us at to schedule your zoom call. 

Made to order with fresh fruits. We offer 2 great detox options. Our modified detox 2 smoothies a day or our Full Fledge 3 Smoothies a day. 

Modified detox requires your lunch to not exceed 1200 calories. No Bread or pasta

Full Fledge requires no meals. Only snacks in between smoothies. 

These are the Full Fledge snack options

✅1 apple

✅Hand full of unsalted unsweetened peanuts

✅1 Boiled Egg

✅Hand full of celery, broccoli, or carrots

✅Detox Tea of your choice


Detox's must be ordered no less than 7 days in advance. (There will be a $30 charge if needed sooner)

10 Day Detox 

Day 1 Berry Greeny
Day 2 Apple Strawberry
Day 3 Apple Berry
Day 4 Berry Peachy
Day 5 Spinach Peachy Berry
Day 6 Spinach Pineapple Berry
Day 7 Pineapple Berry Me
Day 8 Spinach kale Berry
Day 9 Apple Mango Me
Day 10 Kale Me Pineapple


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