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My name is Charaya Bennett. I started The Smoothie Queen 10/1/2018. I also have a 12 year old daughter Zy'Aire, who is truly responsible for The Smoothie Queen!

I promise I can not make this up! Let's take a trip down memory lane. When Zy'Aire was younger she used to act out in school but only in the morning part of the day. Her teacher use to call me and send letters home ect. It got so bad I had to go sit in her classroom early in the mornings for days at a time.

I was over it as a parent and was running out of options. So one day I decided to call her pediatrician and set up an appointment. I know a great deal of people may be wondering why a pediatrician, I just needed help at this point. I met with her Doctor and she evaluated her and asked me, What was her diet like? What was she eating before school? I stated whatever I have time to give her in the mornings. I also responded by telling her cereal, pop tarts, toaster strudels ect.

She said it was all sugar and I needed to remove it from her diet and any red dye. She also asked me what I eat in the mornings. I stated I don't eat, I just drink a Smoothie. She told me to try that as well. So I did and BOY was it life changing!

My daughter was a different person not to mention her teacher reached out and stated she turned over a new leaf and was doing amazing! The teacher then asked me what I did to change this. I stated I just gave her a smoothie and took red dye out of her diet.

So going forward I gave her a smoothie everyday. Then one day she asked for a different flavor. I researched different fruits and vegetables to give to her in a smoothie. We would try different fruit and vegetables together and if she liked it I would write it down, not knowing I was creating recipes for my new business.

I ordered clear bottles that she could throw away after she finished consuming them. We would go out to her bus stop and the other parents would see them and one asked, What is your daughter drinking? I stated a smoothie. She also asked if I sell the smoothies. I stated no, She proceeded to ask me if she could try one I stated sure. I made her one and gave it to her the next day she loved it. She stated you should be selling these, it's absolutely amazing.

She told other parents and other parents at the bus stop began to ask me to make their families smoothies as well. I stated sure but I had to charge and they agreed to pay.

As time progressed, One morning one of the male parents stated you are the neighborhood Smoothie Lady. I began to think about what he said and I came up with my business name, The Smoothie Queen!

The Rest is History! We've now added hot drinks such as coffee, cider, hot coco, popcorn, The Smoothie Queen Fitness and The Smoothie Queen Merchandise. Not to mention so many amazing other amazing products by The Smoothie Queen.


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